Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thing #2.

I certainly agree with Stephen Abram in his video, learning is much easier when I work through the process. Experience is learning. We can find the time to work on 23 things on a stick if we choose to, of course this is coming from a woman who no longer has children at home, so I am able to choose how I want to spend my time so if I can't find time at work, I can work on some of these '23 things' at home. John Blyberg's article addresses public, academic, and special libraries especially when he talks about the importance of our survival/pertinence. I believe when we work together to serve our patrons we gain as much knowledge and awareness as do our patrons. When our patrons are satisfied and grateful we have advocates for our libraries. The administration, board members, city council, senators, campus presidents or whoever we depend on for our budget are continually reminded of the importance and necessity of the libraries' existence.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thing #1

This was fun and pretty simple (so far). Setting up my blog doesn't take much time. I'm starting to read all the information about Library 2.0 and it's very interesting. I understand once my blog is set up I'll be able to update it from home which will be very helpful. This is a great way to teach (old???!@#$%^) librarians new tricks, that stick (hopefully all 23 things will stick).